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"Openfree" is a term used to indicate that any information content is copyright free and any computer programs or prototypes' source codes are available to anyone without any restriction. 
The original author does not retain his/her copyrights. Everything is free and open to everyone.

Databases and raw program sources are open to anyone and the DB services and compiled programs are free to use.

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The 'free' in openfree means not only the freedom in sharing knowledge, but also the cost of knowledge is free as in free meal.

It also includes other intellectual properties such as book contents and diverse media that can contain knowledge, data and information created by any kind of biological information objects in the universe.

Openfree is supported by BioFoundation as a BioLicense. BioFoundation is a loose association to maintain various bio- and -omics sites. is associated with it at present.

Who owns this site?
It is you and future generations in our societies. See our BioOriginality rule.

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